I was born in Hamburg but from an early age I began travelling the world with my mother who was a professional photographer. By the time I was 19, I had developed a passion for fashion; working with many fashion photographers at model agencies such as Mega Models in Hamburg. During this period I looked after their topmodels in the golden 90's whilst also working alongside Jean Paul Gauthier and Armani and others.

I then worked with The Dome Chartparty/RTL, choosing the artists for the shows, planning schedules and looking after boybands - an ideal job for the young and impressionable. After The Dome I moved into commercial film production and the world of PR, providing Testimonial Placements for brands like Montblanc.

I fell in love with and now live on the island of Ibiza. It's a tiny place where all sorts of people with all sorts of backgrounds live comfortably together. I am very grateful to call this my home. With my love for fashion and photography I established a company that offers a brand consultancy service( in the whole of Europe) in addition to photo and film production on the island of Ibiza. I know the island better than any other place on earth and I work with most of my clients here. I also work in London, the rest of the UK and Germany.

Phot Productions Ibiza
Daniela Kuheling